Thursday, December 3, 2009


So I'm kind of peeved at the moment...really peeved actually, and here's why...

As I've stated in my...last last post?  I went to Vegas last week and did some shopping.  I went to Express (since there isn't one here in Canada!) and found a pair of jeans I wanted to buy.  The nice sales guy told me if I signed up for the Express card it would be 15% off my first purchase and me, thinking that it was just a points card (much like the Sephora Beauty Insider's Card), signed up because I figured...what's the harm!

So I sign up and everything...and I finally find out it's actually a credit card for their I'm like uh do I pay off the card?  And the VERY UNHELPFUL lady who was ringing my jeans in said...oh...all the information's in this little pamphlet...she didn't even tell me it was a credit card!  She told me I had a $1000 limit and I'm like..for what?  And she's spend in the store. So I was totally confused, and I asked her if I pay online or something and she said yes that won't be a problem...knowing full well I'm from Canada.

ANYWAY...I get back from Vegas and I'm looking at the pamphlet trying to figure out how to pay, and there isn't very much information on it, so I go onto their website and look at their payment options...these are what was listed:
There are several ways to pay your bill:
  • Click here to pay online with your United States bank account*
  • Send an electronic payment through your bank (contact your bank for details)
  • Click here if you want to send your payment through the mail
  • Make a payment in the store (where available)
Uhm...okay...I guess option 1 is out since I don't have a United States bank account...
Option 4 is out because we don't have Express in Canada...

So I wondered about Option 2, so I called their customer service.
Another EXTREMELY RUDE and unhelpful lady answers and she treated me like I was an idiot.  Well she told me that I have to pay through a United States bank, and since I live in Canada, basically the only way is to go to an Express store on the border to pay off my bill, OR send in my payment..

Okay, so I have to send in my US do I do that?
I need a money order/cashier's cheque...go to the bank. Great.  Oh, and I have to make sure they get my payment BY the due date or else I'm stuck with fines.  My payment due date isn't even a month away from when I purchased my item OR when I got my card AND I haven't even received a paper statement yet!

Anyway, I go to my bank today to get a money order...and there is a service charge of $6.50 Canadian...OMFG. There goes my savings right there, along with the postage I have to pay and so on.  

So basically, I got a stupid credit card to get 15% off, but in the end, I save NO money AND I had to go through all this trouble of figuring out how to pay off the damn thing!


They should seriously warn people when they're getting their cards!  I swear this is how Express scams foreigners.  Thanks. GR.

On the plus side, at least I like my jeans.. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, sorry for the long rant, I was just incredibly annoyed. Don't get sucked into this stupid gimmick, or maybe I was just incredibly stupid for thinking it'd be easy to save that 15%, either way...yeah...never again.


  1. wow, that really sucks! I am surprised you were able to get one even though you're from Canada! When I got mine they did a check on me with my ss#. Express asks you every 5 minutes to save 15% percent, it is so annoying!

  2. Some SA's will do anything to do their commission. :( Like Stephanie, I'm surprised you even got it. If you have time, you should write a letter directly to Express and tell them what happened.

  3. That's a good idea ! I think I may just do that, but I'm not very eloquent so I don't know how seriously they will take me !


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