Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Hey guys!

Sorry long time no post. I've been busy (and lazy) and it's Christmas so we should all be out celebrating and NOT on here reading blogs all day!

So shoo! Go away now!

Have a happy holidays everyone!  Tomorrow is Boxing Day & I plan on doing some major shopping...I've already had a head start!

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR if I don't happen to see you before the new year comes ! =) 


  1. Happy Boxing Day! I hope you have a nice time--and find great bargains. =)

    Today's celebrating is over. I have one gift to return tomorrow--the one I bought for myself. LOL

  2. hey hun! i just wanted to say Merry Christmas!! Can't wait to hear your finds on Boxing Day!!

  3. Hey lady! Belated Merry Christmas!!! Do lotsa shopping for me while i'm at home reading blogs. hahahahah *snort*

  4. happy new year! I don't actually know what boxing day is. I feel stupid. I'm gonna look it up now! I see it on the calendar sometimes, but I never bothered to look before!

  5. hey love,
    Did you enjoy boxing day? How much did you get? :P

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays!



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