Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Weekly Segment!

Hey guys!

So as I said in my previous post, I've decided to start a new weekly segment! I've thought about it and the new segment will be called...This or That Thursdays! This new segment will be my attempt to get to know you guys better! I will give you a choice of 2 situations, and you choose this or that and let me know why!  I will tally up the votes and tell you the results on Fridays, as well as revealing what I chose too!

Yeah I know this is kind of lame but I really wanted to try something different...hopefully no one already does this!

So let's move on to today's This or That, shall we?

Would you rather choose this:
Getting a really really bad spray tan like Ross:

Video is from youtube

Or would you rather choose that:
Getting a horrible haircut like poor Monica:

Video from the wb, sorry if you can't see it. only available to americans =(

Let me know what you would choose! I'll tell you guys what I choose tomorrow =)
Sorry if this question is stupid, I'll try to think of better ones for the future, haha. 

On a side note, the first clip of Ross is from one of my favorite episodes of Friends. I seriously laugh so hard everytime I watch it! What's your favorite episode of Friends? And if you tell me you've never watched/heard of Friends before...climb out from under that rock ! =)


  1. I would choose the bad haircut, but that might not be as big a deal for guys (or maybe it's just me)! The haircut could be fixed.. or I could wear a hat for 2 weeks! Plus, a bad haircut wouldn't really be MY fault--"Look what my barber did to me!!!" LOL

    It's hard to pick a favorite, there was always something to laugh about. The story line when Chandler had the crazy roommate comes to mind (What about all the nights I watched you and you didn't catch me???). Also, the beach house episode (That's right! My friend needed me and I stepped up. But I couldn't so it.) and a later episode in which Rachael is yelling at Ross, then Chandler springs out from behind the door and shouts "I knew it!!!. But I can't say those are favorites overall...just what popped into my head today!

    You are off to a good start on This ot That Thursdays! =)

  2. Typos! Should read "But I couldn't Do it." and "This oR That Thursdays!"

  3. ^ haha thanks! I remember those episodes! chandler's roommate was SO creepy! like with his "fish" that was actually a goldfish cracker or something!

    i also really like the one where they were in the bahamas and david was proposing to phoebe but mike comes to profess his love for her and david was like "would you like my chair too?" and mike said yes and david said "well okay that's fair you did have a long flight." haha i love david.

  4. *climbs out under rock* I never watched a full ep.

    However, between the two I'd go with the bad cut b/c I can always throw on a wig! :P

    P.S SO good to know I'm not the only one with these crazy sensitive ears! ;)

  5. booo the clip of monica is "not available in my area" but i think i'd rather choose the spray tan. my hair grows REALLY slow and i'm sure a bad spray tan will wash off faster than my hair grows. hhahahaha! ;P my fave friends episode? where do i even begin?! :) i'd have to say though that the one that sticks with me the most is when phoebe loved her "sick voice" haha!

  6. ^ hahah and then when she got better, she was so sad that when whoever it was coughed, she went and licked their coffee cup !


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