Monday, December 28, 2009

Midnight Snack

Hey guys!

So I'm incredibly bored right now...and when I'm bored I eat, so within the past half hour I have seriously eaten .. the equivalent to a dragon's meal ! Yes, that's right, a dragon.

Let's see...
I've eaten...

chocolates. PS these are SO wait, the raspberry ones are SO GOOD. I got them at the M&M store in Vegas and I'm afraid to eat them because I don't want to run out =(

These Macadamia Nut Shortbread cookies are super good too! I bought these at the ABC store in Vegas and am also afraid to eat them as I don't want to run out...=(

A bowl of cereal! I bought this box to leave at work to eat for breakfast and am finishing it off now. I love love cereal, especially those with marshmallows in them..or fruits..or oatmeal clusters..They should combine these 3 elements and make a super cereal!

And finally...a banana! Look what happened when I tried to open it! The top part ripped off! I feel like the Hulk or something... I guess this isn't really that much food...but if you think about it..this is my midnight snack. This could be a whole breakfast ! I actually think I know why I've suddenly felt the urge to eat more...

A few days ago I went for a Fitness Test at my gym...& my personal trainer told me I need to gain more fat. WHAT! More?! That was a disappointment as I was looking to lose weight, and she was all like..."Sorry, I will not help you lose weight. You cannot lose weight. You need to gain fat."

Well, this would all be fine and dandy if that meant eat more McDonald's, or...stuff your face in fatty foods! But no...I have to gain this fat healthy-ly...that salmon, eat nuts, da-di-da-di-da...

LAME. But when someone tells me I get to gain fat, I ignore the whole how part and dive straight into the food. Hence, my huge midnight snack. C'mon...the chocolates have nuts in them..that means I'm sort of following the rules, right?

So, when you get bored/hungry/notice it's time for your midnight snack! - what do you usually grab for? I know my stepmom likes to cook rice and basically eat dinner all over again...but what about you? Let me know, give me ideas for my next midnight snack!

Until next time =) 


  1. Dang girl, that is a lot of food! I'm too lazy to cook so I go for some chocolate and milk or leftovers if I've got 'em. ;)

  2. No,that's not much food--especially for someone trying to gain. What a great position to be in, to have to eat!

    At times I can be like a werewolf at night in the kitchen, stalking whatever is there.

    Special K w/strawberries is one of my favorite cereals. But after seeing what you did to that banana, I would never try to take it from you!!! LOL (I wouldn't do that anyway)

  3. I'm glad I don't have the midnight snacks cravings anymore... I used to suffer from severe insmonia as a student, so I would grab potato chips for snacks, or left overs. I helped, I could always sleep fine after the eating hahaha!

    I still have the insomnia at times, but no cravings though!


  4. do you not have M&M premiums where you live? They are sooo good, I know! My fav snack has to be cheetos! My mom likes to eat Ramen! haha

  5. The skinny kind! and the hot ones, and the hot and lime ones, hahaha! the giant twist ones were fun, but messy.

    Yeah, I see the M&Ms at most stores. You can buy them through me if you want to! :)

  6. I usually have a glass of milk and half a banana :)

  7. The hot ones are sooo good! I will eat too many of them at one time and I'll be sorry later. I try to stay away from them now. hehe.

    Yeah, the M&Ms are prolly cheaper here too. It's only $2.50-$3.00 / box and sometimes you get $1 off coupons in the paper. I'm happy to feed anyone's addiction!

    I know you Canadians have special food, I just can't remember what it is!


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