Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy End of 2009!

Hey guys!

So I just wanted to drop by & quickly say HAPPY NEW YEAR ! 

How do you ring in the New Year?

I used to go watch the fireworks at midnight but lately it's been SUPER cold (it is going to be -35C with windchill tonight) so fireworks isn't really an option. I'll probably stay home and watch the clock turn to 12:00AM if I can manage to stay awake that long, haha.

On another note, do any of you have any New Year's Resolutions?

Mine used to always be "I will lose 'x' number of pounds!" but of course that never happens. I know this is a very popular failed resolution. The ladies at my gym told me to watch for the huge influx of members that will be joining come January. Oh dear.

Well, whatever your resolution may be - I hope it works out for you.
& whatever you end up doing tonight to ring in the New Year - I hope it's with good company & I wish you all the best for 2010 =)

See you in the new year!!! 

& PS. Thank you to all those who come and keep me company at my blog, all of you are simply amazing =)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Midnight Snack

Hey guys!

So I'm incredibly bored right now...and when I'm bored I eat, so within the past half hour I have seriously eaten .. the equivalent to a dragon's meal ! Yes, that's right, a dragon.

Let's see...
I've eaten...

chocolates. PS these are SO wait, the raspberry ones are SO GOOD. I got them at the M&M store in Vegas and I'm afraid to eat them because I don't want to run out =(

These Macadamia Nut Shortbread cookies are super good too! I bought these at the ABC store in Vegas and am also afraid to eat them as I don't want to run out...=(

A bowl of cereal! I bought this box to leave at work to eat for breakfast and am finishing it off now. I love love cereal, especially those with marshmallows in them..or fruits..or oatmeal clusters..They should combine these 3 elements and make a super cereal!

And finally...a banana! Look what happened when I tried to open it! The top part ripped off! I feel like the Hulk or something... I guess this isn't really that much food...but if you think about it..this is my midnight snack. This could be a whole breakfast ! I actually think I know why I've suddenly felt the urge to eat more...

A few days ago I went for a Fitness Test at my gym...& my personal trainer told me I need to gain more fat. WHAT! More?! That was a disappointment as I was looking to lose weight, and she was all like..."Sorry, I will not help you lose weight. You cannot lose weight. You need to gain fat."

Well, this would all be fine and dandy if that meant eat more McDonald's, or...stuff your face in fatty foods! But no...I have to gain this fat healthy-ly...that salmon, eat nuts, da-di-da-di-da...

LAME. But when someone tells me I get to gain fat, I ignore the whole how part and dive straight into the food. Hence, my huge midnight snack. C'mon...the chocolates have nuts in them..that means I'm sort of following the rules, right?

So, when you get bored/hungry/notice it's time for your midnight snack! - what do you usually grab for? I know my stepmom likes to cook rice and basically eat dinner all over again...but what about you? Let me know, give me ideas for my next midnight snack!

Until next time =) 

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Hey guys!

Sorry long time no post. I've been busy (and lazy) and it's Christmas so we should all be out celebrating and NOT on here reading blogs all day!

So shoo! Go away now!

Have a happy holidays everyone!  Tomorrow is Boxing Day & I plan on doing some major shopping...I've already had a head start!

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR if I don't happen to see you before the new year comes ! =) 

Friday, December 18, 2009

This or That Reveal

Hey guys!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in my first This or That segment!

And the results are...2 for the bad haircut and 1 for the bad tan.

So it's time for me to reveal which of the two I would choose! I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I would rather have a bad haircut than a bad tan. It's simple to hide a bad haircut - wear a hat, get extensions, etc...but how do you hide a bad tan that is on your ENTIRE body? Sure you could use makeup to fix your face, but what about your hands and arms? Your neck? Your ears? Your feet? Oh gosh I don't know what I would do! I would probably sit in the shower for HOURS with a highly exfoliating scrub trying to get that stuff off, haha. & plus my hair grows at a ridiculous rate so yeah.

Speaking of bad haircuts...I just went to cut my hair a few weeks ago and I think my hair dresser must've been tired or something because he didn't even ask me how I wanted my hair cut...he just started cutting! I thought he remembered me from previous haircuts since I've been going to him for a while...but I was wrong. The whole cut was wrong, and he started curling it before I actually saw how wrong it was! So I went home, washed it, and to my horror saw what had become of my hair! Unfortunately I was leaving for Vegas the next day so I couldn't get it fixed right away...

Needless to say, as soon as I got back, I called my hairdresser back and told him I needed him to recut it. Even then it still wasn't right because he was rushing to finish since I wasn't paying him and his customers were waiting...sigh. I'm just waiting for it to grow out now, what else can you do?

Have you ever had a bad hair experience? Be it a cut, dye job, perm, etc? What did you do? Did you go back and complain to get it fixed?

Until next time guys, have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Weekly Segment!

Hey guys!

So as I said in my previous post, I've decided to start a new weekly segment! I've thought about it and the new segment will be called...This or That Thursdays! This new segment will be my attempt to get to know you guys better! I will give you a choice of 2 situations, and you choose this or that and let me know why!  I will tally up the votes and tell you the results on Fridays, as well as revealing what I chose too!

Yeah I know this is kind of lame but I really wanted to try something different...hopefully no one already does this!

So let's move on to today's This or That, shall we?

Would you rather choose this:
Getting a really really bad spray tan like Ross:

Video is from youtube

Or would you rather choose that:
Getting a horrible haircut like poor Monica:

Video from the wb, sorry if you can't see it. only available to americans =(

Let me know what you would choose! I'll tell you guys what I choose tomorrow =)
Sorry if this question is stupid, I'll try to think of better ones for the future, haha. 

On a side note, the first clip of Ross is from one of my favorite episodes of Friends. I seriously laugh so hard everytime I watch it! What's your favorite episode of Friends? And if you tell me you've never watched/heard of Friends before...climb out from under that rock ! =)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Interesting Bag Find

Hey guys!

I know I said I wouldn't be posting until tomorrow but this was way too cool not to share right away! My co-worker just informed me of this today & I found it to be so neat.

So the company is called Miche Bag, and what's cool about it is that it's one bag, but the outside "shell" of it is interchangeable!

So you start off with something like this:

And then you add a shell to it to change it to something like this:

 Cool hey! This bag in particular measures: 15" long, 12" tall, 5" deep, so it's HUGE! And for someone who loves big bags, this is absolutely perfect! Unfortunately they aren't available to Canadians =( But still...what is available is the smaller version:

This one measures 5.75" wide, 11.75" long, and 6.5" tall, so it is considerably smaller.

And this one can have lots of fun shells too such as:
I think this would be a wonderful gift to a wife, or a gift to yourself even! That way you don't have to have a million different bags, you just have one that can look different! Dress it up, dress it down, whatever you like. They even have customizable ones!

Here is a demo video showing how it works:

Anyways, yeah, that's my little post for today. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until tomorrow!

Disclaimer: I have no affililation with MicheBag. I was just told about them by a co-worker who found out about them from a friend who saw them at Costco! All images were taken from

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lunch Hour Babble

Hey guys!

So everyone at work has gone home for lunch so I'm just sitting here...blogging. This post will be rather random. Actually, for the past few days I've really been thinking about what direction I would like to take my blog...and I have decided !  The direction I will take my blog no direction! Yes. This is where randomness comes to blog, and I am perfectly fine with that.

But while browsing through other people's blogs looking for ideas, I've noticed that many many people have weekly segments that they do, and I think that is so much fun!  So I will be starting my first weekly segment on Thursday!  So be sure to check back then and see what it is! It's kind of lame but that's okay, haha. And on top of that, I have asked my sister to make me a prettier blog layout..she's more of the coding whiz of the family so better she do it than me seeing as I would probably wreck this. I hope she finishes soon, it will be so pretty! (hopefully)

In other news...I still can't get my memory card to work on my laptop! It's so annoying, and I am getting mega-frustrated with my all-text-no-pictures posts, so I think I will start using my camera-phone seeing as it is 5mp anyways...good enough!

UHM...again sorry this is going nowhere. I'm trying hard to pass the time. So tell me...what do you guys do to pass the time during breaks/lunch at work/school?

I suppose it's time for me to actually go eat something..until Thursday!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gift Shopping

Hey guys!

So this issue has come up previously when I've gone shopping for friends' birthday/christmas/whatever else gifts. I've always felt the need to spend at least the amount a friend spends on me, on them. Meaning...if a friend spent $100 on my birthday, I would feel compelled to spend at least $100 on their birthday - it's only fair, right?

This story is only slightly hypothetical.  Let's pretend my limit for this story was $65. One time I was buying a gift for my friend's birthday.  I was going to buy her a DVD set of a TV show. The first place I checked sold it for $64.99, so I decided to keep looking.  A few stores later I found it selling for $54.99 so I decided to purchase it there.  On top of it being cheaper, I also had a 20% off coupon for the store. Since I only ended up spending $44, the logical thing to do is to find something else to add on top of that, right?

Well, I know people who don't think so.  They believe that what matters is the value of the gift you're giving, not how much you actually spend on it. So if that DVD was $65 originally, then that is how much you spent on the gift. Besides, how will your friend even know how much you really spent? You can definitely get away with just purchasing the DVD, but that's not the point! It's the principle of the matter!

Anyway, what's your take on the situation? Is the value of your gift how much you actually spent on it, or how much it's worth? Of course, this is not taking into consideration the thoughtful and sentimental gifts you give to significant others/close friends. Those gifts are priceless.

Have a wonderful week everyone =)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best & Worst Feelings

Hey guys!

So I am writing this as I finish my chocolate muffin & milk combo...I'm sensing a pattern here...Muffins and cookies and pop and milk and fruits and bread and frozen entrees are all provided for here at my work place so I take full advantage of that, and since I started here in May, I'm sure I've gained more than enough weight! As I am a co-op student, I am simply on a work term and am going back to school come January. I will definitely miss this place! Especially the fact that there is often so little work to do that I am able to read blogs all day...haha.

Anyway, moving on.  So my inspiration for this post came yesterday morning.  Have any of you been woken up sometime in the middle of the night with a huge urge to use the bathroom?  But of course you don't want to get up because you're all cozy and you're super sleepy so you lay in bed hoping to fall asleep so the feeling will go away.  Well naturally the need to use the bathroom will keep you awake, rendering you unable to fall asleep, and the next thing you know, your alarm goes off, and you just wasted the last few hours of good sleep simply because you didn't want to get up in the first place. That sucks.

Now let's say we change this situation a little. Have you ever woken up and looked at the clock and thought to yourself.."Oh no! I'm late! I forgot to set my alarm!" and quickly rush out of bed with adrenaline rushing, only to stand back and start to think...wait a minute, it's Saturday!
Or, similarily, waking up in the middle of the night thinking it's time to get up for work or school, only to realize you have a few hours of sleep left?
These are the best feelings ever.

Here are other best and worst feelings that I have encountered...

Worst feeling ever: There is a sale going on at your favorite store. You find the perfect article of [insert item here]. You rummage through. They no longer have your size/color/whatever else.
Best feeling ever: There is a sale going on at your favorite store. You find the perfect article of [insert item here]. You rummage through. You find your size/color/whatever else. You go to buy it, and it turns out that it's even cheaper than you thought it was going to be!

Worst feeling ever: You put a [insert amount here] dollar bill in your pocket. At the end of the day, you put your hands in your pocket and realize it's gone. It probably fell out. Darn it.
Best feeling ever: You walk along the street and find a [insert amount here] dollar bill on the floor! Yay!
Similarily...You put on your winter coat for the first time since last year and reach into your pockets and find a [insert amount here] dollar bill! Yay x2!

Worst feeling ever: Being stuck in traffic due to it being the first snowfall of the year, rushing to get to school because you have a midterm in 10 minutes. There is no way you are going to make it. OMFG I'm screwed.
Best feeling ever: Finally making it to school, only to find out your exam has been postponed. Thank goodness.

These are only a few that I can think of at the tell me, what are some of the best and worst feelings you've encountered?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Parties

Hey guys!

So I'm writing this as I'm finishing off the bun I had for my office's catered Christmas party. Yes it's finally that time of year!  My co-worker & I decorated the ENTIRE office yesterday with garland and a christmas tree and ornaments and everything - it seems like we are the only ones in the Christmas spirit!

Friday was our office's annual Christmas party.  We had it at a hotel banquet hall.  All in all it was not that great of a night.  There was a freak snowstorm that day so driving was horrible, the food was buffet-style and the selection wasn't that great, and the entertainment consisted of a "mind reader" and a ventriloquist. Not fun at all.  My boyfriend and I left part-way through the ventriloquist as I'm sure you all know how boring that gets.

Today and tomorrow are our catered turkey lunches.  The food was okay but I am definitely not in the mood to work anymore...I think serving turkey at work is definitely a bad idea considering it makes everyone sleepy afterwards!

So what does everyone else do for Christmas at work? Do you receive any special gifts from co-workers/your superiors?

I am so in the mood to blast Christmas carols in the office right now, but I'm sure everyone would hunt me down and turn it off.  Boo these grinches.

PS. I took photos of my Christmas lunch/dinner and I will post that later.  You guys be the judge of how it looks.  Buffet food on a plate NEVER looks appetizing IMO...

Thursday, December 3, 2009


So I'm kind of peeved at the moment...really peeved actually, and here's why...

As I've stated in my...last last post?  I went to Vegas last week and did some shopping.  I went to Express (since there isn't one here in Canada!) and found a pair of jeans I wanted to buy.  The nice sales guy told me if I signed up for the Express card it would be 15% off my first purchase and me, thinking that it was just a points card (much like the Sephora Beauty Insider's Card), signed up because I figured...what's the harm!

So I sign up and everything...and I finally find out it's actually a credit card for their I'm like uh do I pay off the card?  And the VERY UNHELPFUL lady who was ringing my jeans in said...oh...all the information's in this little pamphlet...she didn't even tell me it was a credit card!  She told me I had a $1000 limit and I'm like..for what?  And she's spend in the store. So I was totally confused, and I asked her if I pay online or something and she said yes that won't be a problem...knowing full well I'm from Canada.

ANYWAY...I get back from Vegas and I'm looking at the pamphlet trying to figure out how to pay, and there isn't very much information on it, so I go onto their website and look at their payment options...these are what was listed:
There are several ways to pay your bill:
  • Click here to pay online with your United States bank account*
  • Send an electronic payment through your bank (contact your bank for details)
  • Click here if you want to send your payment through the mail
  • Make a payment in the store (where available)
Uhm...okay...I guess option 1 is out since I don't have a United States bank account...
Option 4 is out because we don't have Express in Canada...

So I wondered about Option 2, so I called their customer service.
Another EXTREMELY RUDE and unhelpful lady answers and she treated me like I was an idiot.  Well she told me that I have to pay through a United States bank, and since I live in Canada, basically the only way is to go to an Express store on the border to pay off my bill, OR send in my payment..

Okay, so I have to send in my US do I do that?
I need a money order/cashier's cheque...go to the bank. Great.  Oh, and I have to make sure they get my payment BY the due date or else I'm stuck with fines.  My payment due date isn't even a month away from when I purchased my item OR when I got my card AND I haven't even received a paper statement yet!

Anyway, I go to my bank today to get a money order...and there is a service charge of $6.50 Canadian...OMFG. There goes my savings right there, along with the postage I have to pay and so on.  

So basically, I got a stupid credit card to get 15% off, but in the end, I save NO money AND I had to go through all this trouble of figuring out how to pay off the damn thing!


They should seriously warn people when they're getting their cards!  I swear this is how Express scams foreigners.  Thanks. GR.

On the plus side, at least I like my jeans.. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, sorry for the long rant, I was just incredibly annoyed. Don't get sucked into this stupid gimmick, or maybe I was just incredibly stupid for thinking it'd be easy to save that 15%, either way...yeah...never again.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hautelook Haul

Hey guys! So I've been away on vacation in Vegas which is why I haven't posted but now I'm back and I'm trying super hard to stay dedicated to blogging...let's see how this goes!

Anyway, Hautelook, an invite-only website that sells designer items (ie. clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, etc) for a discounted price, was having a sale for Rock and Republic Cosmetics for 50% Off.  I've read good things and decided I would buy a few things myself.  The sale is still on so for those who want to check it out, click here for an invite!

I bought 2 pressed blushes and 2 lip glosses:

Spank Pressed Blush

Call Me Pressed Blush

Preppy Pink Lip Gloss

Vacant Lip Gloss

I've heard that the pictures aren't true to color so I'll be sure to post pictures once I receive them! Shipping to Canada is INSANE.  It's around $10 for shipping, plus there's an 18% tax for GST, PST, and duties...I really hope this is worth it.

I haven't been posting pictures I've taken only because I haven't been able to transfer pictures from my camera to my computer, but once I figure that out I'll be sure to post!

Thanks for reading =)