Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Parties

Hey guys!

So I'm writing this as I'm finishing off the bun I had for my office's catered Christmas party. Yes it's finally that time of year!  My co-worker & I decorated the ENTIRE office yesterday with garland and a christmas tree and ornaments and everything - it seems like we are the only ones in the Christmas spirit!

Friday was our office's annual Christmas party.  We had it at a hotel banquet hall.  All in all it was not that great of a night.  There was a freak snowstorm that day so driving was horrible, the food was buffet-style and the selection wasn't that great, and the entertainment consisted of a "mind reader" and a ventriloquist. Not fun at all.  My boyfriend and I left part-way through the ventriloquist as I'm sure you all know how boring that gets.

Today and tomorrow are our catered turkey lunches.  The food was okay but I am definitely not in the mood to work anymore...I think serving turkey at work is definitely a bad idea considering it makes everyone sleepy afterwards!

So what does everyone else do for Christmas at work? Do you receive any special gifts from co-workers/your superiors?

I am so in the mood to blast Christmas carols in the office right now, but I'm sure everyone would hunt me down and turn it off.  Boo these grinches.

PS. I took photos of my Christmas lunch/dinner and I will post that later.  You guys be the judge of how it looks.  Buffet food on a plate NEVER looks appetizing IMO...


  1. Last year our boss took our division out to lunch instead of having a party. It's going to be the same this year. But we do have a staff party for the whole Smithsonian next week. We had a bake sale to raise money for charity. That was fun.

    I'm glad you found my blog!

  2. "Catered Turkey Lunches" sounds good.
    Well. I guess it's coz we don't eat much turkey here in my country so it sounds really yummy. I'm hopping from Ricademus' blog.Ü

  3. Oh what do you guys eat for Christmas where you're from then?

    Turkey is definitely good, I'm sure I've gained 5 lbs from today's meal alone, haha =)

  4. Boo these grinches is right! I love Christmas songs so they'd hate me too...haha! Serving turkey does seem to defeat the purpose of working doesn't it? ;)

    P.S The MBD Black Pearl mask didn't work for me. *cries* The Sake Yeast brightens my face! :)

  5. @RicAdeMus: it's so cool that you work at the Smithsonian! Must be super interesting!

    @Lisa: Since no one let me play Christmas music, I started humming it instead, haha.
    I shall try the Sake Yeast one next! I have like a million sitting in my drawer because I'm too lazy to use them!

  6. Parts of working here are really cool. There are lots of interesting things to see during lunch. Although, I've read in recent blog posts that some people catch a quick nap during lunch--I'm considering doing that this week. So tired!!! =)

  7. wow... that's early for having a christmas party already!

    we're going to have dinner for christmas next week friday, then a drink, and then clubbing! haha


  8. It's been a tradition in our company to go out for Christmas Party. This year I'm a member of the Xmas Committee and we're taking a part of the game presentation where we're going to act some scene of famous koreanovela. I think we're going to look crazy in the video but it's fun doing the taping. I'm thinking to post the video in my blog but on the second thought i don't want to expose how lousy an actress i am lol

  9. @RicAdeMus: What is it that you do at the museum? Are you one of the people who give the tours?
    I know I myself am always tempted to take naps at work ! Sometimes it just can't be helped!

    @Toothfairy: Haha our office shuts down on the 18th so it's now or never!
    LOL@clubbing. I work with a bunch of Engineers and operators so I'd laugh so hard if I ever saw them at a club. But it sounds like a fun plan!

    @IamNoOne: You should definitely post it! I'd want to watch that! Haha videos like that are always hilarious to watch at company functions and such.


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