Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lunch Hour Babble

Hey guys!

So everyone at work has gone home for lunch so I'm just sitting here...blogging. This post will be rather random. Actually, for the past few days I've really been thinking about what direction I would like to take my blog...and I have decided !  The direction I will take my blog is...in no direction! Yes. This is where randomness comes to blog, and I am perfectly fine with that.

But while browsing through other people's blogs looking for ideas, I've noticed that many many people have weekly segments that they do, and I think that is so much fun!  So I will be starting my first weekly segment on Thursday!  So be sure to check back then and see what it is! It's kind of lame but that's okay, haha. And on top of that, I have asked my sister to make me a prettier blog layout..she's more of the coding whiz of the family so better she do it than me seeing as I would probably wreck this. I hope she finishes soon, it will be so pretty! (hopefully)

In other news...I still can't get my memory card to work on my laptop! It's so annoying, and I am getting mega-frustrated with my all-text-no-pictures posts, so I think I will start using my camera-phone seeing as it is 5mp anyways...good enough!

UHM...again sorry this is going nowhere. I'm trying hard to pass the time. So tell me...what do you guys do to pass the time during breaks/lunch at work/school?

I suppose it's time for me to actually go eat something..until Thursday!


  1. ok, sometimes when I have no patient at work, I read. I always have a book around, and at the moment, it's "my sister's keeper". If I'm not reading, I go chat with other dentists, but we're usually not free at the same time. So, I read.


  2. I like random and I've enjoyed your posts! I thought about trying to pick a theme or direction for my blog, but decided against it. Instead, I treat it like a developing friendship...offering people a chance to learn about me and giving me the chance to get to know them--especially the people who have signed up to follow me publicly!!! I genuinely appreciate that. =)

  3. ^ Thanks! That actually means a lot. I like your outlook on blogging. It is such an intimidating thing, but at least I know there are kind people like you reading !

  4. I love blogs that have no direction, because it doesn't specifically talk about one thing. I enjoy reading posts about multiple things and rambles :) Good luck on the weekly segment, I will be back on Thursday!

  5. No direction works for me! Mine totally lacks it too...lol.

  6. thanks for following too! can't wait for more posts from you!


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