Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best & Worst Feelings

Hey guys!

So I am writing this as I finish my chocolate muffin & milk combo...I'm sensing a pattern here...Muffins and cookies and pop and milk and fruits and bread and frozen entrees are all provided for here at my work place so I take full advantage of that, and since I started here in May, I'm sure I've gained more than enough weight! As I am a co-op student, I am simply on a work term and am going back to school come January. I will definitely miss this place! Especially the fact that there is often so little work to do that I am able to read blogs all day...haha.

Anyway, moving on.  So my inspiration for this post came yesterday morning.  Have any of you been woken up sometime in the middle of the night with a huge urge to use the bathroom?  But of course you don't want to get up because you're all cozy and you're super sleepy so you lay in bed hoping to fall asleep so the feeling will go away.  Well naturally the need to use the bathroom will keep you awake, rendering you unable to fall asleep, and the next thing you know, your alarm goes off, and you just wasted the last few hours of good sleep simply because you didn't want to get up in the first place. That sucks.

Now let's say we change this situation a little. Have you ever woken up and looked at the clock and thought to yourself.."Oh no! I'm late! I forgot to set my alarm!" and quickly rush out of bed with adrenaline rushing, only to stand back and start to think...wait a minute, it's Saturday!
Or, similarily, waking up in the middle of the night thinking it's time to get up for work or school, only to realize you have a few hours of sleep left?
These are the best feelings ever.

Here are other best and worst feelings that I have encountered...

Worst feeling ever: There is a sale going on at your favorite store. You find the perfect article of [insert item here]. You rummage through. They no longer have your size/color/whatever else.
Best feeling ever: There is a sale going on at your favorite store. You find the perfect article of [insert item here]. You rummage through. You find your size/color/whatever else. You go to buy it, and it turns out that it's even cheaper than you thought it was going to be!

Worst feeling ever: You put a [insert amount here] dollar bill in your pocket. At the end of the day, you put your hands in your pocket and realize it's gone. It probably fell out. Darn it.
Best feeling ever: You walk along the street and find a [insert amount here] dollar bill on the floor! Yay!
Similarily...You put on your winter coat for the first time since last year and reach into your pockets and find a [insert amount here] dollar bill! Yay x2!

Worst feeling ever: Being stuck in traffic due to it being the first snowfall of the year, rushing to get to school because you have a midterm in 10 minutes. There is no way you are going to make it. OMFG I'm screwed.
Best feeling ever: Finally making it to school, only to find out your exam has been postponed. Thank goodness.

These are only a few that I can think of at the tell me, what are some of the best and worst feelings you've encountered?


  1. Hey Fleecy Cotton! hahaha!

    i love the best/worstlist cus i can relate to almost all of them! haha! i had one actually 2 days ago... i was super starving here at work and i didn't get a chance to pack a snack with me that morning so i am rummaging through my drawer looking for something else and then BAM!!!! i found an unopened pack of DRIED MANGOES that i hid there a month ago! hahahaha! best feeling ever!

    I can totally relate as well with the going to the bathroom in the middle of the night thing. except i just wake up in the morning with a hurting bladder. hahaha! ;P

    umm p.s - is your work/coop place hiring? im hungry.. hahaa! ;P

    thanks for dropping by, i'll definitely be back!

  2. One of my best feelings involves snow! People in DC don't handle snow very well. Sometimes just a few inches shuts down schools and government offices. The decisions to close are always made at the last minute. Most of my co-workers start work @ 6:00am, I start later. I love it when I'm sitting at home snug and warm @ 6:00am and everything closes. I can settle in for the day.

    One worst that springs to mind came right after I recovered from a stomach virus. I was so sick. But I tried to look at the bright side--I must have lost a few pounds while I was sick. I got on the scale and it said I had GAINED a few pounds. How can that be possible???

  3. It is sad how poorly we handle the snow. But, I'm not one of those people! When I was a teenager I practiced driving in the snow alot on my way home from work at night. I would pull into a huge, deserted parking lot to play. As I was enjoying accelerating, braking and spinning, it turned out I actually learned something. =)

  4. worse: You've something in your mind of what you want, after going through the whole city all the stores in and out, but it's out of stock EVERYWHERE!

    best: You're just strolling around, no intention to buy anything, and you find all the great stuff in the world, in your color, size and it looks great!



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