Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My First Blog Awards!

Hey guys!

So this is super duper exciting for me! The lovely Georgina of coffretgorge tagged me with my very first blogger awards!

So I'm not really sure how this works...hopefully I do it right!
I'm supposed to share 5 things about me. I just did the 10 random facts about me tag so this might be a little hard but...let's try!

1. I'm a nail biter. I've been biting my nails ever since I can remember...and I've tried many many times to stop but nothing seems to work! I stopped when I went to China one year because I was afraid I might die from germs...and then I stopped during my 8 month co-op work term because another one of my co-workers stopped biting her nails...but now I've started again! I think part of it might be stress from school, but I think I'm usually just bored. SIGH. It doesn't help that my nails are super brittle too! If you have any suggestions on how I can stop/how to strengthen my nails, please let me know!

2. One of my feet is a whole size smaller than the other. My right foot is 6.5, and my left foot is 5.5. It makes buying shoes SO hard!

3. I took ballet once...ONCE. For one class. My parents bought my the shoes and tights and uniform and everything...for me&my sister. We went to one class and my sister and I decided we didn't like it, so we never went back. All the stuff we bought went to waste!

4. I've worn glasses since the 2nd grade. I wear contacts now, & my eyes are at -2.50 & -3.25. I think that's pretty good for someone who's been wearing vision correcting lenses for 13 years!

5. I am really really bad at staying in touch with people. I find that everyone is constantly passing me by. That is why I am so thankful for all you blogger friends! If I miss a day, I can go back and find out what you've been up to =) Seriously though, thank you to each and every one of you for stopping by, leaving your comments, reading my posts, or whatever! It truly means a lot!

Sooo...now I have to tag other people! I think everyone I'm going to tag has gotten these awards already, but there isn't a rule about not being allowed to get it more than once, right? Haha. So..I pass on these awards to:
- Rick or RicAdeMus
- Stephanie of Julu Jewelry
- Lisa of Shop N' Chomp 
- Christy of w0ngturn 
- Kym of beecreative 
& to every single person who reads this tag! YES YOU DON'T GO HIDING NOW! =)

& I kind of sort of also got tagged by Rick for the Happy 101 Award!
 Yay! Thank you! Not really sure of all the rules to this one either, but I know I have to post 10 things that make me happy, sooo let's go!
1) Doing nothing. Just sitting there...watching TV...eating is a must too. Sitting, watching TV, and eating makes me happy! Haha

2) Sunny days! Gloomy days bring me down. It's nice when I don't have to wear a jacket outside.

3) Finding out I aced a test I thought I failed. Happens a lot in university. It helps when the average is 50% and the class is curved though.

4) Pictures. I love looking back at pictures. Brings back all sorts of nice memories. I was so so sad when my laptop got stolen because I hadn't backed up any of the pictures nor were any of them developed =(

5) Getting mail! Even if it's junk mail. If my name is on it and I get to open it, it makes me happy! I also really like unwrapping wrapped presents. Even if there's nothing in it! 

6) Good hair days. Especially if I just rolled out of bed with it. Saves lots of time in the morning!

7) Playing board games. I am really competitive and board games totally brings that out of me, but playing is so much fun!

8) Going through the holidays, eating a million meals a day, and finding out I lost weight! Haha it's a nice feeling.

9) Stationary!! I LOVE stationary! I love shopping for school supplies, I love looking at it, I love using it...just love love love! Makes me so happy! From pens to highlighters to white-out to rulers to book stands to staplers to...everything. I love everything to do with stationary.

10) You! My blogger friends! =) 

So now I pass on this award to everyone who commented on my "My Olympic Love" post!
- Stephanie of Julu Jewelry
- russ
- Kym of beecreative
- Lisa of Shop N' Chomp
- Georgina of coffretgorge
- Samantha
- CCWai 

Thanks so much for reading guys!

Until next time =) 

I Can't Think of a Title...This is Supposed to be a Short Post

Hey guys!
So...I haven't posted in a while and Rick doesn't want him & Kym to look like stalkers so here's an itty bitty post!
Finals are here and my bf has blocked blogger and facebook and youtube and ninjavideo on my computer whenever I'm studying at his house which makes updating kind of hard BUT I do have some things to report!

Rick's Giveaway Package!!
Yay! So I was one of the winners of Rick's giveaway and I just got my package last week! My prize was the "Live, Love, Laugh, EAT" T-shirt by Kym's herrohachi

Kym packaged it oh so cutely. I love it!

I love love love my shirt! There could not have been a better suited prize for me =)

Thank you so so much Rick for being so generous & for being such a great blogger friend! You are awesome =)
& Thanks Kym for putting so much love into your products! I looove the shirt to death!

If you haven't yet, go say hi to those two !

I have other things to say...like claiming my first ever blog awards...but I will save that for another day.
Until then, I need to go bury myself in books. If you don't hear from me, I'm probably under a pile of them somewhere =) Sorry for the lack of posts and stuff...I'll get back on soooon! (I hope).

Until next time! Thanks for reading guys.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Olympic Love ♥

Hey guys!

KAY...this post is totally overdue. I feel like I'm living in the Vancouver Olympic past, BUT THAT'S OKAY!  Steph said she wanted to see the loot I got from the Olympics so here they are =)
Bahahah. My Quatchi broke off his keychain...but my bf's mom sewed him back together...BUT JUST TO BE SAFE...I bought a back-up in case poor Quatchi has another accident!
The must-have Vancouver Olympic red gloves. ♥ ♥
Mukmuk =) My second favorite (my bf's favorite). He's so egg-shaped...how could he be cuter than Quatchi?!

It's not much but I can tell you I love everything I bought and I totally regret not buying more!! 
My favorite thing has got to be my Quatchi slippers. They're made for kids so only XL can fit me, and naturally only the smalls were left in stores (because I'm sure other adults were loving these slippers as much as me!) so I had to get the bf to ask his sister to get them from Vancouver for me. They are SO CUTE and so warm and so comfy and I just love them to death =)

HAHA really random post I know..
So which Olympic mascots are your favorite?
 The Vancouver Olympic mascots?

 The Beijing Olympic mascots?

 The Sydney Olympic mascots?

LOL to be honest I didn't even know Sydney's mascots looked like that! They kind of scare me actually...no offense or anything..

Haha yeah...

PLEASE SHARE YOUR OLYMPIC MEMORABILIA! i have some Beijing Olympic stuff too but too lazy to share right now...I was in Beijing a month before the Olympics started and let me tell you...it was already tons of crazy!

Until next time =)

PS. KYM, I know you're going through withdrawal with me not posting for a week...so I have come to save you! LOL. & PPS. I expect to see your stuff after you bragged of all your Quatchi loot, SO JEALOUS!! =p

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ten Honest Things About Me Tag!

Hey guys!!

So I was tagged a while back by two wonderful bloggers - Stephanie of Julu Jewelry and RicAdeMus - for the 10 honest things about you tag! 

I love tags because they actually give me something to post about. So let's begin! In no particular order...

1. I love to eat. A lot. And I can eat, a lot. One time, I was one slice shy of finishing a medium Pizza Hut Pizza...and the only reason why I stopped eating was because my boyfriend had just finished one slice less than me and told me how absolutely stuffed he was and how he couldn't possibly eat anymore. That made me feel bad and I didn't want to look like I could eat more than him so I stopped. But truthfully, I probably could have finished that pizza and kept on going if I wanted to. People also like to bring my to all-you-can-eat's for that reason. I finish anything they can't.

2. I am a horrible conversationalist. I am really bad with thinking of topics to talk about, be it with strangers or even with close friends. That is why I either like to talk to very talkative people, or people who don't like to talk at all. The former because they do all the talking and all I have to do is sit back and listen, and the latter because then they wouldn't mind the awkward silence that's bound to arise.

3. I am very bad with geography. Like...really bad. Like...not knowing if London is a city or country kind of bad (don't worry, I think I've figured it out after my boyfriend made fun of me for it time and time again). If you ask me what continent a particular country is in (outside of North America) I will not be able to tell you. I probably wouldn't be able to name all the continents for that matter. Like I said. BAD.

4. I love the smell of wood and fresh ground coffee beans, and i don't mean like..in the wilderness with mother nature kind of wood, i mean..processed, cut, and made into furniture kind of wood. i LOVE when i walk into home depot (especially) because it just blasts you in the face with the smell of wood. it makes me so sad when my nose becomes immune to it and i can't smell it anymore =( oh and i hate coffee, but the smell of the powder you use to make it smells amazing..

5. I can understand 5 languages, but can only speak 1. So if anyone ever speaks any of those 5 languages to me, I'll always respond in English. I hate speaking to Asian parents for that reason. They speak in Cantonese or Mandarin and they automatically expect you to know how to speak it too, and when I respond in English, I can totally feel them looking down on me. On the same note, I took Mandarin in school for 13 years and can no longer read, write, or barely speak it. What a waste.

6. I like when garbage cans in my house are empty. It makes me feel nice inside. The feeling I get when I throw something into an empty garbage can, and when I throw something into a full garbage can is COMPLETELY different. That is why the garbage has to be thrown out at least once a day.

7. I am super stubborn and hate when I'm wrong, and to avoid being wrong, I would make up the most ludicrous excuses ever. Like if you told me that in a vacuum, a feather and a rock would fall at the exact same rate, and I said YOU'RE CRAZY THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE YOU'RE WRONG...and then we experimented and found out you were right, I would probably respond by saying..."You said that they'd fall at the same rate, not together! At the same time! Like..you didn't say they would both reach the ground at once! And you never said inside a vacuum! I totally know that that's what happens inside a vacuum!" while you're thinking "I totally said inside  a vacuum...what is she talking about..crazy woman." I think everyone hates being wrong though.

8. I have a sister 1.5 years younger than me, and another sister 18 years younger than me. Yup. Huge age gap. & the youngest one is at the stage where she's screaming all the time...the terrible two's I think they call it? But she was pretty terrible all along. It's amazing..it's like she never gets tired! She could be running up and down and all around screaming this way and that ALL DAY and still have energy to keep going! What is up with that! It makes studying very very difficult...

9. I've been to the bar/club only once. I don't enjoy them at all. First of all, I don't drink. Why do people drink anyway? It doesn't taste good and it makes you feel all dizzy and stuff afterwards! I much prefer my apple juice thank you very much. And second of all, those places are always so crowded and everyone is pushing up against each other shoving and whatnot while it's all dark so someone stepping on your foot is inevitable...and I'm slightly claustrophobic so that doesn't help either. OH and I hate dancing too. My body has zero rhythm so every time I try to "bust a move" I make a fool of myself. So embarrassing.

10. I love boardgames. Luckily my circle of friends share my disgust for bars/clubs and instead we spend our weekly get-togethers playing boardgames. My all-time favorite (at the moment) is Settlers. It's SO MUCH FUN! Honestly if you haven't tried it yet YOU MUST! Best board game ever!! I've only tried the original Settlers and Seafarers so far though...Cities and Knights is next on my list. Monopoly is pretty fun also. 

Anyway, that's my 10! Sorry for going into so much detail, but now you know a little more about me =)

oOo I just thought of another one! 11. I love dinosaurs. If I were to pick an occupation solely based on what I find interest in, it would be paleontology. But don't let me fool you - I know nothing about dinosaurs. I can barely name one for you right now if you were to ask. I just think the idea of them existing is super duper cool. Just imagine...many many years ago..these big creatures were roaming around where you're sitting right now! And then they just disappeared! SOO cool! No? Is it just me..?

And now..I tag everyone who wants to do it to do it =) It's a super fun tag to do so I highly recommend you get on it!

This week I have to write another 3 essays (just like last time for the exact same class) as my take-home final so let's hope that goes well!

Until next time guys =) Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hey guys!

So the ever so wonderful & entertaining RicAdeMus is having his very first giveaway!

He's named it "Hope and Heroes" and the prizes are as follows:

The "Live, Love, Laugh, Eat!" t-shirt by Kym of herrohachi. This giveaway is for all followers (current and new), as well as frequent commenters.

 A small pendant replica of the Hope Diamond. Current followers and frequent commenters automatically get 2 entries. Those who entered the t-shirt giveaway are automatically entered into the pendent giveaway & mystery gift!  

So head on over to RicAdeMus' blog NOW NOW NOW!!! & enter! & take a gander! As I've said before, he's seriously one of the nicest blogger (bloggers? blogger? I don't know grammar) you will ever meet (metaphorically speaking)! So go! =)

Until next time!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Brief Note from Me !! =)


Oh my gosh...this feels weird...

It's been 2+ weeks since I've last posted. Actually...it's been 2+ weeks since I've even touched blogger. I haven't read any blogs, I haven't commented on any blogs, I haven't read any of my comments, I haven't checked my e-mail to see if I received any comments, and I have definitely not written any new posts.

I haven't checked my own blog for a few reasons...
1) I felt guilty for not posting after saying I was going to post once a week on my February Piece of Me
2) I was afraid of reading any comments from people yelling at me for not posting
3) Actually, to be honest, I was afraid I hadn't received any comments at all.

But today! I decided to be brave and finally look, and low and behold, there were actually some of you who checked up on me. I can't tell you how great of a feeling/relief it was!

Seriously, thanks to all of you who even bother to read my blog & take the time to comment. I never thought I'd reach 5 followers, let alone 20! But I especially especially thank RicAdeMus, Shop N' Chomp, & Stephanie. Seriously some of the nicest people I've ever encountered. Seriously. (I used seriously 3 times in 4.5 sentences. My writing has seriously deteriorated!)

 Anyway...what's the point of this post? Nothing really. 

How do I explain my lack of posting? I want to say I've been busy...and to some extent I have been, but a lot of it is due to lack of motivation/laziness. Blogging is hard! I admire those of you who manage to update on a regular basis! But my problem is...I have nothing to talk about. I have no hobbies or opinions or interests, which is why I took up blogging - to find something I'd be interested in, or to make a hobby out of it. But it's hard when I have nowhere to start..then life becomes a constant cycle of looking out for blogging opportunities, and that gets tiresome real fast. Constantly trying to think of something to say turned into a chore which became something I wanted to avoid which led me to where I am now. 


I don't know really. I don't know if I want to keep blogging. I truly enjoy reading everyone's blogs, and I think that that's going to be where my priority is at now.

This was such a random post..oh gosh.

BUT SINCE I HAVEN'T BLOGGED FOR SO LONG, I'll give you guys a little update on what's happened!

- Chinese New Year consisted of lots of eating. LOTS of eating. Eating in restaurants, eating in people's homes, large feasts at home, etc etc. I went to my mom's temple to do the whole incense burning thing. It's supposed to be good luck, and I actually believe it! Last year I didn't go to burn the incence, and I swear I had pretty bad luck. I blame my laptop getting stolen at school on the day of my Midterm to that! So after my laptop was stolen, I immediately went to the temple to burn the incence. Chinese New Year also consisted of lion dances and drum performances.

- Valentine's Day was a flop. It's never good. EVER. My boyfriend forgot it last year which made me quite angry, and this year we got into a pretty huge argument that wasn't resolved until late that night. We don't do big holidays very well.

- I went to Bikram Yoga. Bikram Yoga is basically yoga in a SUPER HOT room (40C/105F). I bought an unlimited one week pass and only went twice. YUP. It was horrible! Excruciating! One of the worst experiences of my life! First of all it stinks of horrible BO as soon as you walk in, then everyone drops their sweat on you, and then you get all dizzy and nauseous because it's so hot, then you can't hold your balance because you're so dizzy, and that just defeats the whole purpose of yoga! They say it's good to feel dizzy and nauseous because that means all your toxins are being sweated out, but I personally did not like the feeling and much prefer normal yoga instead. I was pretty ashamed though because there was a 10 year old girl doing much better than I was. I ended up lying on the floor for half the class the second time around because every time I tried to get up, my body simply collapsed back down. Not. Fun.

- OLYMPICS!! I didn't think I would be interested in the Olympics in Vancouver...but national pride soon kicked in when Canada's medal count started to grow. It was so intense watching everyone, from hockey to skating to curling. I was kind of disappointed in the opening ceremonies though. The biggest moment of the Olympics for me though, as I'm sure it is for many others, was the Gold Medal hockey game between Canada and the US. I'm not a hockey-watcher, but HOLY SMOKES that was one of the most intense games I've ever seen in my life! I nearly had a heart attack when the US scored at 20-some seconds left. SO GOOD. & I loved the mascots too! Quatchi is love. I found myself hoarding Olympic memorabilia but by the time I became interested, it was already hard to find certain items. ANYWAY...I have to say I really enjoyed the Olympics, much more than I thought I would, and I can honestly say that I feel a lot prouder to be Canadian than before. OH BY THE WAY, for those of you who watched the closing ceremonies...we are totally not all about beavers and moose and the RCMP and saying sorry and saying eh...I don't know why we were reinforcing the misconception people have of Canadians. Oh well.
I feel really bad for the Luger who died right before the Olympics though. It's so heartbreaking! He was so so close..

So...yeah..that was my last two+ weeks. Really random post, I know, but this might be the last one for a while...

So I hope everyone is well, and I'll try to keep up with your blogs as best I can!

Until next time =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vending Machines

Hey guys!

So...I have 3 essays to write by tomorrow...each have to be 500-1500 words...and I am currently sitting at 250 words IN TOTAL. I am so dead! But I wanted to take a little break because my brain is broken soo...here's a little blog post =)

Does anyone hate vending machines as much as I do? Aren't they the worst?! AHGH!

The other day I saw a girl eating a bag of sour cream and onion chips and she totally made me crave it! So as soon as I got off the train I ran towards a vending machine and bought myself a bag.

SO SO GOOD! But you know those bags of chips...they're filled like 1/4 of the way! So the greediness inside me decided I wanted another bag...I went to a different machine and plopped in my money. 25 cents...5 cents...1 dollar...WHY IS MY DOLLAR NOT SHOWING UP? I put in a dollar but it says I've only inserted 30 cents! And my dollar isn't in the little coin return thing either. And then I look like an idiot pushing down that coin return button that never works...and then I think to myself...maybe it got stuck? So I put in another 5 cents to try and push my dollar through. The digital screen now reads 35 cents. Noooo! Not only have I lost my dollar, I just inserted more money that I won't be able to get back!

So not only was I down $1.35, I also didn't get my second bag of chips. Boo =(

And don't you just hate it when your candy/chips gets stuck on the spiral-y thing that pushes it out? I don't want to embarrass myself by shaking or kicking the machine, and plus they say not to or else it might topple over and kill you...but...obviously I'm desperate for my food if I'm buying it from a vending machine!

This is why I would much rather deal with a real person. They won't steal my money and refuse to give me my food!

Have you experienced any horror stories with vending machines? Do tell!

Until next time guys =) Wish me luck with the 4500 I have to write!!