Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hautelook Haul

Hey guys! So I've been away on vacation in Vegas which is why I haven't posted but now I'm back and I'm trying super hard to stay dedicated to blogging...let's see how this goes!

Anyway, Hautelook, an invite-only website that sells designer items (ie. clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, etc) for a discounted price, was having a sale for Rock and Republic Cosmetics for 50% Off.  I've read good things and decided I would buy a few things myself.  The sale is still on so for those who want to check it out, click here for an invite!

I bought 2 pressed blushes and 2 lip glosses:

Spank Pressed Blush

Call Me Pressed Blush

Preppy Pink Lip Gloss

Vacant Lip Gloss

I've heard that the pictures aren't true to color so I'll be sure to post pictures once I receive them! Shipping to Canada is INSANE.  It's around $10 for shipping, plus there's an 18% tax for GST, PST, and duties...I really hope this is worth it.

I haven't been posting pictures I've taken only because I haven't been able to transfer pictures from my camera to my computer, but once I figure that out I'll be sure to post!

Thanks for reading =)


  1. you can transfer pictures with a usb cable or by inserting your memory card into the computer. That is insane shipping prices. i've ordered from hautelook before- it takes a little time. R&R stuff always looks so cool!

  2. I ordered earring by heidi klum Post here now you can get $20 if someone buys something. :)

  3. HEEEEEEY these are on sale again with a $15 off coupon at BeautyStory! so could you describe the vacant gloss to me? seems kinda nudey-like?


    BTW how are you??


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