Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Didn't Do it (Shh Yes I Did)..

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting in so long. Midterms are coming up and homework is starting to pile up and I'm honestly going crazy! So sorry if I go weeks without a word, I'm still alive - I promise!

Anyway, last week something happened that reminded me of something similar that happened before...isn't that always the case? Anyways..

My hardwood floor was super sticky all over the place and my dad was freaking out because he couldn't understand why! So naturally he blamed my 2 year old sister for spilling pop and probably spreading it through the entire house. I didn't know it at the time, but I soon realized that the stickiness was totally my fault...

See...the night before I was drinking something out of my martini glass (because I feel more special that way) and accidentally knocked it over and broke it. Whatever I was drinking spilled all over me so I had to walk to my room to change. While walking, I undoubtedly left a trail of my sticky drink through my house and forgot to clean it afterwards. OOPS! I didn't tell my dad it was my fault, I just let him believe it was my baby sister. I mean...my dad's not going to yell at her, and even if he does, it's not like she'll understand! And plus...he probably wouldn't make her clean it up! Oh dear, I'm horrible.

But this happened a long time ago too. When I was like...8 let's say...I had just taken a piano examination and was anxiously waiting for my results! Weeks and weeks (or so it felt) passed and still no word! So one day in the closet I see a blank sealed envelope, and for some reason I convinced myself that HAD to be the results! So I started to open it...I tore an opening in the corner of the envelope AND THEN...stopped. I don't know why. I just left that corner open and put the envelope back in the closet.

The next day I was in the car with my mom, dad, and sister (not my current 2 year old sister, obviously). My mom and dad asked us which one of us opened the envelope as it was an extremely important envelope. They were furious! My sister said she didn't do it, and I kept quiet, but my sister was always the one getting into trouble so my parents automatically blamed her for it. I kept quiet still. They yelled and yelled at her to the point of tears and I didn't say anything because OBVIOUSLY I don't want to get yelled at like that either!

They still bring this up, but I don't really know why they'd be so angry over an open envelope. Can't they just use a new one?

Anyway, have you ever let someone else take the blame for something you did?

I'm sure you have! And I bet a lot of the stories will involve passing gas of some sort! Haha just kidding. Anyway, until next time!


  1. My brothers and I were united in at least one thing--we didn't volunteer any information when someone was going to get in trouble. It didn't matter if I did it or knew that one of my brothers did it. The answer was always "I don't know" when our dad asked who "did" something. It probably came close to evening out over time.

    It's nice to see one of your posts pop up in the reader. =) Hope you ace the school work!

  2. PS - I almost forgot! The neighborhood snoop could not tell the diffference between me and one of my older (3 yrs) brothers. She kept telling my grandmother I was doing things, when really it was him. I got tired of that in my mid-teens and finally told my parents it was NOT me, so it had to be HIM! He didn't get punished, but I didn't either. I just had to listen to a lecture! LOL!

  3. It's nice that you & your brothers had a system worked out ! That's so unlike boys. I thought brothers are always out to get each other! Haha

    & thanks rick! i hope so too ! =D

  4. & LOL@ your neighbor for mistaking you for your brother! I'm surprised your parents believed you when you said it wasn't you, haha. But at least it worked out that both of you weren't punished !

  5. That brother is the one who caused teachers to fear me on the first day of school {oh Lord, not another one!}. LOL But by the end of the week they realized I was a good kid. And even though they were mad, my parents knew that too. So I'd get a lecture about not doing whatever it was the snoop claimed I did and then I could get on with my life. =)

  6. Whoever smelt it, dealt it! XP I think I did something dumb like break a pencil in grade school and blame the kid next to me. :P

  7. haha i was such a bratty kid, i blamed everything on my brother, lol.

    yess, i had such a hard time deciding which charity to donate to, but finally decided on that one !

  8. Haha, blame the sister, sip Martinis, breaking a glass, leaving a trail: Priceless, haha. This story made my day :)

    Never happened to me, I was always the one to take the blame, even, if it wasn't me =.=

  9. hahaha i like this post. :]

    strangely, i can't think of a scenario where i'm the one pinning blame on someone else... first ones that come into mind are all about me getting told on by younger brother (and i couldn't escape those -__-). stupid tattle-tale.

  10. @shopnchomp - hahah what were you, super woman? how did you break a pencil?!

    @mkl - Haha taking the blame is not the way to go! Deny deny deny, even if you did it!

    @kimmy - LOL i would've thought your parents would believe the older sibling over the younger one! especially if the younger one is a boy! boys are nothing but trouble!

  11. "boys are nothing but trouble!" *cough, cough*

    haha...your posts and comments are always a highlight of the day!!!

  12. LOL! iirc it got whacked in half on the table by accident :P

  13. @ ric - you know what i'm talking about! here you are trying to tell me it was your brothers who did bad things, but I know it was you! LOL

    @ shopnchomp - still...superwoman! i just tried thwacking my pencil on my table and it didn't break! haha

  14. hahahaha!!! wow.. this sounds like my brother and i except that i was on the receiving end.. i was the victim! I only found out recently that all those times that i got in trouble, it was because he did something but made my parents think III did it! hahaha! horrible horrible.. but i guess its just a sibling thing! :)

  15. @ kym - lol it's definitely a sibling thing! who else can you beat on, make fun of, blame things on, etc etc and not have to worry about them hating you for the rest of your life?
    HAHA. did you never stop to wonder why you were getting in trouble for all these things you had no clue about? LOL.

  16. That thing on Kym's page is supposed to be a massager--you hold the handle and roll the other end across wherever you're massaging. My mom had one and my sisters used to laugh about it! =)

  17. LOL, I've gotten the death stare, but never the slap or scratches!

    I like learning about other beliefs. I was raised Catholic, but I don't support all of the Church's stances and practices.


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