Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello & Welcome to 2010!

Hey guys!

First post of 2010! Hurray! 

I hope all of you had a nice New Years Eve & are all ready to tackle the new year! School starts in a few days which is a bummer but that's okay.

So I did some thinking...and I came up with two extremely important New Year's Resolutions that I must must fulfill this year !

1. Re-learn how to swim.

2. Re-learn how to ride a bike.

YES, that is right. You can, in fact, forget how to swim and ride a bike. Whoever said that was impossible obviously hasn't met me yet!

How do I know I forgot how to do these 2 "impossible to forget" skills you may ask? Well..

My experience with the bicycle is a very short story. I learned how to ride a bike very young, didn't ride it for many years, then a few friends came over with their bicycles one day. I sat on one, tried to peddle, and fell. Never tried riding a bicycle again since then.

My experience with swimming, on the other hand, is a whole other story.

I learned how to swim back in 5th grade, and I was able to swim well, not amazing, but well. I could do laps and tread water and all the basics! I didn't swim for 2 years after learning, and in the summer going into 7th grade, my family went to Los Angeles. There was a swimming pool at our hotel so my sister and I decided to go.  We started off in the shallow end, and my sister started swimming to the deep end. I wanted to join her so I followed while holding on to the ledge. My sister started to swim across the deep end, so I let go of the ledge and started to swim after her. Two strokes later, I started sinking. OMFG ! It was seriously the scariest moment of my life. I panicked and held on to my sister who started sinking as well.

Unfortunately there was no life guard on duty, and the group of people swimming next to us decided they would just sit there and watch while my sister and I sunk to our deaths. Luckily, after much struggling, I was able to jump off the floor of the swimming pool and grab a hold of the ledge (seeing as I was NOT very far away from it in the first place..)

Anyways, from then on I haven't set foot into water of any kind unless it involves taking a shower. I am now deathly afraid of it, but am determined to get over my phobia and re-learn this essential skill of survival! 

So there you go, my 2 new year's resolutions.

Is there any skill you've ever wished you knew how to do but have never gotten around to learning it? Procrastination can be (is definitely) a horrible thing.

Until next time! 


  1. Wow! I started out amused at how rare it must be for someone to forget how to ride a bike AND swim. That is amazing! Then I was upset that people would just sit there while two kids are struggling in the water!!!

    I always wanted to play the piano and I do have a plan to accomplish it. When I'm 96 I'm going to hire a hot 70 year-old piano teacher to give me lessons. LOL

  2. Your swimming story was so scary. :( I'm glad you're alive! Gosh, it's been a while since I swam. Wonder if the same thing could happen to me? Guess I'd make sure someone was nearby at all times.

    Hmmm...I want to learn how to knit but don't know if I have the patience to learn. Catch-22 a ha! XP

  3. uh.... I still can't believe you've forgotten how to swim and ride a bike.. sorry!

    but ok, I'd like to relearn playing the piano. I used to play keyboard/piano as a kid, but after not playing for years, it's a bit hard to pick up. I can play and read music notes, but I'd rather be major queen at it. I will start lessons again after I've moved out the house.


  4. @ RicAdeMus - LOLOLOL I wonder how your search for a "hot" 70 year old who knows how to play the piano will go! I used to play, and I must say, it is much much easier to learn younger as opposed to older, but I guess that's the case with a lot of things!

  5. I hoped to play the chinese flute someday. Bought one but never got down to using it.

    I will do that when I'm old, hopefully I will have the time and money to get a pretty teacher. Inspired by RicAdeMus's comments.



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