Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hey guys!

So something totally embarrassing happened to me today on the bus-ride home.

I'm sitting by myself, looking out the window, and at the corner of my eye I see my friend walk onto the bus and sit on the chairs across from mine. He was putting his bag down so he had his back to me, so I just sat there and looked at him, smiling, waiting for him to turn around so I could say hi.

Well, he turns around, and my mouth begins to say Hi and he sees me smiling at him so he's about to say Hi and at the exact same time, we both realize that we don't know each other.

Oh dear, wrong person. I quickly whip my head around and intently stared out the window until he got off the bus.

Awkward, awkward, awkward! I hate when this happens! That's why I always avoid saying hi to people and, instead, hide my face behind a newspaper or something so no one would say hi to me either.

Have you ever had a case of mistaken identity where you approached someone and it wasn't who you thought it was?

Another similar incident happened when I was a kid (actually, I'm not sure if this is my own story or if this is a story my boyfriend told me. Our stories get mixed up in my head sometimes, but anyway...).  My sister and I were waiting at the entrance of a mall while my dad went to get the car from the parking lot. We saw our car drive up so we ran out to open the car door. The door was locked so we started banging on the window. Still locked. So we went to the driver's door to ask my dad to unlock it. WHOOPS. Not our dad! Heh heh heh how embarrassing...
At least I was a kid. Kids are allowed to make silly mistakes like that.

Anyway, until next time!


  1. actually, I do not have a texan accent and proud of it, lol. But this guru lives near me and she does have an accent and she's Asian. haha. Stephienese go watch her and let me know what you think of her accent, haha.

    aww, I've done stuff like that on the bus before too. I don't really say Hi to people all that much either. Once when I was little I grabbed this guy's leg who I thought was my dad's. Everyone was laughing at me! But these days I've been known to go up to the wrong car in the parking lot.

  2. Haha, your smile made him think you were a friend! That's cute. I had an opposite experience. One day at lunch I thought I saw a co-worker walking down the street towards me--someone I had never talked to, but knew she was nice. I gave her a big smile as we got close, thinking I should at least let her know that I did know who she was. The closer we got the more she frowned at me until finally if looks could kill I wouldn't be here. Of course it was not my co-worker. But the story had a happy ending. That afternoon I shared the story with her and now we are good friends.

    Oh, the wrong car! I'm glad the person didn't let you in. Last year my wife and I were leaving a store and headed for her van. She was driving (which is rare), so I walked to the passenger side and waited for her to let me in. I stood there looking into the van and then heard my wife call to me from 2 cars down. I went to the wrong blue van and there was a woman in the driver's seat laughing her head off at me!!! I was glad that I amused her and didn't scare her.

  3. yeah, the ones on true blood are so thick! it actually bugged me at first, but I got used to it. I met a couple Asian girls from Tennessee and they had strong accents which I thought was really weird when I first heard it. If I had continued to live there, I would have sounded like them too!

  4. Ooh, that is awkward! I can't recall something like that ever happening though I sure it did. Just can't remember. :P I do remember the opposite happening. Some girls came up to me from behind thinking I was one of their friends. And then whispering, "She really looks like her" after wards. Hahaha...

  5. Awkward! I hate when things like this happen to me (which is very often)

  6. I'm glad the "dust bunnies" comment made you laugh, I was being my silliest!!!

  7. I hate awkward moments like these! My most awk oops that's not you moment was when i was like 15 and got into a stranger's car! I thought it was my dad's, lol

    Happy Friday!

  8. Hey, that happened to me many times. I was actually greeted by someone, but I was thinking like: Who the heck are you? And then you pass by and can't stop thinking who that was, hehe. It's fun, though :)

  9. hahaha, well at least you weren't the only one who made that mistake, he did too!

    people make mistakes but we learn, we laugh, and live on! haha.. <3

  10. @MelRoXx - haha I know it's the worst right! And I turn bright red super easily so whenever something embarrassing happens to me, I immediately feel my face turn warm, haha.

    @Jaime - oh my gosh your story is like mine! Except you actually got into the car! Haha. luckily the man wasn't creepy and didn't drive away with you! That'd be scary!

    @MKL - LOL I hate saying hi to people for that reason too - I'm afraid they wouldn't recognize me! But how do you respond to a greeting from someone you really don't think you know? Pretend to go along with it? Haha.

    @Christy - Hahaha I think I'm the reason why he made the mistake though! If it weren't for my HUGE dorky smile and my obvious "hi"-shaped-mouth, he probably wouldn't have looked twice at me! Haha.

  11. Oh dear! I sure do not like awkward moments because it's like you're required to think of something quickly to get yourself out of the situation.Ö

  12. hahaha... I used to wave at people, whom I thought I knew, but turned just to be a stranger. And the other way around too btw... but now... no, I just keep quiet when I hestitate :P


  13. BAHAHAHA ah yes, i love awkward moments. :) this has probably hapened to me when i was a kid... but yeah, that doesn't count much. Lately though, i'm seeing a lot of people who look like my bf from behind and i'm always ALMOST go up and grab their hand. ahhahaha! good thing i didn't do it all the way.. Phewwwf.

  14. Was it that pretty that I needed 3 lipsticks of the same shade? YES, maybe.. ok .. no? HAHA, I couldn't help it! Don't judge me!

    YUP, I think the felt tip is the one! But now I see that there are two different packaging?! Why do they make it so complicated?!

  15. @ russ - I agree ! and I suck at thinking on my feet, and plus I turn red like a tomato at the slightest feeling of embarrassment so the only thing i can do is turn away!

    @ toothfairy - haha i like to keep quiet too, better safe than sorry!

    @ kym - haha that would be so so embarrassing ! never ever approach anyone from behind, it's too hard to tell who it is!

    @christy - LOL no judgment from me I swear ! really? there's different packaging too? oh dear! i did not know that! decisions decisions

  16. haha yeah I always mistaken people, or I don't recognize them then it's awkard when they smile at me and I'm like uhmm... and wow you gotta take music in engineering?! When I was in engineering our electives were "computer" or "electronics" or "microwave engineering" there were no fun electives like listening to music!

  17. hi dear~ i don't know if i would be willing to shave my head, lol! not sure if i could pull that off, my head is abnormaly shaped.. haha! but i do plan on growing it out til my bum area and then cutting my hair short.. BUT it's taking forever!!

  18. omg!! this has totally happened to me before sooo embarrassing...>< great blog you've got glad to see another canadian on here! ^^

  19. I'm not a prankster, but for whatever reason that one thing popped into my head to scare my friends at the campout. I've tried to think of other situations like that, but I'm drawing a blank.

  20. hahaha i avoid saying hi to ppl now too unless i'm absolutely sure they see me X] but anyways, hi X]


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