Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vending Machines

Hey guys!

So...I have 3 essays to write by tomorrow...each have to be 500-1500 words...and I am currently sitting at 250 words IN TOTAL. I am so dead! But I wanted to take a little break because my brain is broken's a little blog post =)

Does anyone hate vending machines as much as I do? Aren't they the worst?! AHGH!

The other day I saw a girl eating a bag of sour cream and onion chips and she totally made me crave it! So as soon as I got off the train I ran towards a vending machine and bought myself a bag.

SO SO GOOD! But you know those bags of chips...they're filled like 1/4 of the way! So the greediness inside me decided I wanted another bag...I went to a different machine and plopped in my money. 25 cents...5 cents...1 dollar...WHY IS MY DOLLAR NOT SHOWING UP? I put in a dollar but it says I've only inserted 30 cents! And my dollar isn't in the little coin return thing either. And then I look like an idiot pushing down that coin return button that never works...and then I think to myself...maybe it got stuck? So I put in another 5 cents to try and push my dollar through. The digital screen now reads 35 cents. Noooo! Not only have I lost my dollar, I just inserted more money that I won't be able to get back!

So not only was I down $1.35, I also didn't get my second bag of chips. Boo =(

And don't you just hate it when your candy/chips gets stuck on the spiral-y thing that pushes it out? I don't want to embarrass myself by shaking or kicking the machine, and plus they say not to or else it might topple over and kill you...but...obviously I'm desperate for my food if I'm buying it from a vending machine!

This is why I would much rather deal with a real person. They won't steal my money and refuse to give me my food!

Have you experienced any horror stories with vending machines? Do tell!

Until next time guys =) Wish me luck with the 4500 I have to write!!


  1. I hate to think about the money I've lost to those evil machines! I shouldn't admit this, but I have (very carefully) rocked vending machines to get my hanging chips. One time 8 other things fell along with the bag and I didn't feel guilty. I took two or three of the items and shared the rest with the other former victims in the room.

    One place I worked had a Coke machine that was so awful I put an out-of-order sticky note on it every time I went in the room. You couldn't tell if a selection was sold out until after you put in your money...and then it wouldn't return your money. It was a racket!

    About your comment--my wife has a bad sense of direction too. When we're driving she just enjoys the scenery and trusts we'll get where we're going. I thought I had told my wife about the girl before. But she said, "What? You never told me that!" and swears she would not have forgotten if I did. She also asked, "Why do you wait years to tell me these things?" Haha!

    Good luck with the essays!

  2. @ rick - lol you deserved everything that fell out of that vending machine ! it has to make up for all the money vending machines have stolen from you. PLUS..vending machines overprice everything too!

    haha women always make fun of men for having a bad sense of direction..but it's really to mask our own bad sense of direction!
    & i wouldn't be surprised if you did tell her but she just forgot. i do that too, and if it's something that happened 10 years ago, it's very likely to have slipped her mind ! haha but we won't admit to ever forgetting anything of course

  3. You just gave me this brilliant idea. I'm going out later for my afternoon snacks and will shop for some chips. I haven't had chips for the loooongest time. Thanks for this post dear ☀..☮..✮..♥..✈

  4. I know at our uni there was a vending machine that sometimes didn't push down the chocolate I wanted. So I had to rattle the whole thing a little, so annoying. I also hate vending machines, but sometimes they're the only source of food. I know when you study, you're always sooooo hungry, stomach always growling, it's annoying. They know very well, why they put those things these -_-

  5. ugh. that's soooo many essays. i would be having a panic attack. good luck!! you'll do amazing. :)

  6. Hey sweets! How are you?! I hope you're still alive after churning out 4500 words! *prays*

    Sorry to hear it ate your $$. That totally stinks! No real horror stories for me except I have been known to rock (ever so gently of course) vending machines if my grub gets stuck. ;)

  7. Hope you're doing well and school is not driving you crazy. Take care!

  8. I would beat that machine until it gave me my food. I don't remember any particular time I had trouble but I know there were some!

    I finished that batiste shampoo already, haha!

  9. I've missed you! Thanks for the comments--I can't believe anyone read that super-sized post. I appreciate it. I thought of you for the tag because it would be nice to learn a little more about you, but all of the awards/tags apply to you.

    You're right about how i met your mother, the writers have lost their way. barney has his moments, but it's not the same.

    About the hat size, a former baseball coach measured our heads for fitted caps. I don't know if it's good, bad, or meaningless, but mine was the largest. LOL!

    Take care and good luck with the workload. =)


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