Monday, March 29, 2010

My Olympic Love ♥

Hey guys!

KAY...this post is totally overdue. I feel like I'm living in the Vancouver Olympic past, BUT THAT'S OKAY!  Steph said she wanted to see the loot I got from the Olympics so here they are =)
Bahahah. My Quatchi broke off his keychain...but my bf's mom sewed him back together...BUT JUST TO BE SAFE...I bought a back-up in case poor Quatchi has another accident!
The must-have Vancouver Olympic red gloves. ♥ ♥
Mukmuk =) My second favorite (my bf's favorite). He's so could he be cuter than Quatchi?!

It's not much but I can tell you I love everything I bought and I totally regret not buying more!! 
My favorite thing has got to be my Quatchi slippers. They're made for kids so only XL can fit me, and naturally only the smalls were left in stores (because I'm sure other adults were loving these slippers as much as me!) so I had to get the bf to ask his sister to get them from Vancouver for me. They are SO CUTE and so warm and so comfy and I just love them to death =)

HAHA really random post I know..
So which Olympic mascots are your favorite?
 The Vancouver Olympic mascots?

 The Beijing Olympic mascots?

 The Sydney Olympic mascots?

LOL to be honest I didn't even know Sydney's mascots looked like that! They kind of scare me offense or anything..

Haha yeah...

PLEASE SHARE YOUR OLYMPIC MEMORABILIA! i have some Beijing Olympic stuff too but too lazy to share right now...I was in Beijing a month before the Olympics started and let me tell was already tons of crazy!

Until next time =)

PS. KYM, I know you're going through withdrawal with me not posting for a I have come to save you! LOL. & PPS. I expect to see your stuff after you bragged of all your Quatchi loot, SO JEALOUS!! =p


  1. so OMG it's so dang cute!! Quatchi forever!! I think Miga looks really cute too but I've never seen a plushie of him before. mukmuk is so so cute too! :D cuteness overload!

    I really liked the beijing mascots b/c it was the first year they didn't suck, LOL. they're really cute but not cuddly like the Vancouver ones.

    If I had that quatchi key chain it would take up my purse- it's seriously huge!!

    Thanks for posting this :D

  2. OMG, the slippers are soooo cute!
    They look super comfy.

  3. Quatchi is #1!!! I love those slippers--you should model them! :P

    I don't have ANY Olympic swag. I don't have much sports-themed stuff either...a "Louisville" jacket (just because it was a great sale), a Maryland pullover jacket (gift from a friend), and an old Baltimore Orioles cap. I think that's it. I also have an "NRA" cap that a friend gave me, but I only wear that when I'm working in the yard--it freaks out the neighbors!!! LOL

    Like Kym, I missed you, but I was too shy to express it. Haha!

  4. Wooohooo! GO QUATCHI! I love that guy… my Olympic collection includes: miga lanyard, 2010 olympic lanyard, quatchi plush keychain, red mittens, blue Vancouver 2010 hoodie, grey Canada hoodie, black Canada long sleeved shirt, quatchi luggage tag, 2010 vancouver luggage tag, Vancouver 2010 boot strap carrier thing, quatchi backpack, miga keychain, Vancouver 2010 aritzia bag, Canada baby onesies (yes, I bought a onesie for my future child hahahaha)… and… TWO large Quatchi plushies.

    Did I forget anything? Hahahaha

    P.S – I must saw canada’s mascots are the cutest so far. I’m not biased… really.

  5. oh i forgot... i also have an olympic glow light thingy and olympic sticky notes pad. haha!

  6. OH OH OH sorry i forgot another one... Olympic aritzia jacket representing Sapporo '76 (?)

  7. Haha, I don't belong to the NRA, a friend gave me the baseball cap! I do currently own 2 guns, but no ammunition. They were my dad's and I ended up with them when he passed away. I'm not sure what to do with them now.

  8. Dude, serious the Vancouver mascots are the cutest I've ever seen! I heart your slippers BIG TIME!!

  9. i agree with ric, model the quatchi plushies please! hahaha! quatchi reminds me of chewbacca, cute! :D i dont own any olympic memorabilia boo me :( hehe

    swimming with dolphins is on my things to do before i die list hahaha im definitely going! i just got to get myself swimsuit ready hello DIET! hahaha :P

  10. Honestly, I'm trying to talk myself into the 2nd chance thing. I didn't let go of their friendship easily...thought we were having misunderstandings, gave them multiple chances at the time. So, I'll see how I feel the next time I hear from one of them!

    PS - I'm ALWAYS wearing socks when I find the wet spots! LOL

  11. No i didn't get to touch the gold medal! everyone in line before me was doing it and i thought "how awkward!" hahaha! but i didn't know it was a big deal!! BOOO! i shoulda done it!

  12. I guess America has great products (w/crazy shipping) and Canada has great people! =)

  13. Haha, that made perfect sense! There was a elegant symmetry to the hunters becoming the hunted. The hardware store approach must be a US thing. Warn your male friends to avoid them after dark on weekends! LOL

  14. Great post. Really cute pics. love your blog!


  15. Those slippers look so comfortable!
    Definitely great to wear at home

  16. Including??? You were first! LOL

  17. Hahaha, you could have--some things are less random than others!

    You need to do a short post. When visitors look at this one it appears Kym and I are stalking you! =)

  18. OMG, that's hysterical! You completely outed us on the stalking!!! Hahahaha! I can't be the first one to comment on that post cuz it would just confirm it. =)

    I better turn in before get in any more trouble! Goodnight--and good luck w/all the work.


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