Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My First Blog Awards!

Hey guys!

So this is super duper exciting for me! The lovely Georgina of coffretgorge tagged me with my very first blogger awards!

So I'm not really sure how this works...hopefully I do it right!
I'm supposed to share 5 things about me. I just did the 10 random facts about me tag so this might be a little hard but...let's try!

1. I'm a nail biter. I've been biting my nails ever since I can remember...and I've tried many many times to stop but nothing seems to work! I stopped when I went to China one year because I was afraid I might die from germs...and then I stopped during my 8 month co-op work term because another one of my co-workers stopped biting her nails...but now I've started again! I think part of it might be stress from school, but I think I'm usually just bored. SIGH. It doesn't help that my nails are super brittle too! If you have any suggestions on how I can stop/how to strengthen my nails, please let me know!

2. One of my feet is a whole size smaller than the other. My right foot is 6.5, and my left foot is 5.5. It makes buying shoes SO hard!

3. I took ballet once...ONCE. For one class. My parents bought my the shoes and tights and uniform and everything...for me&my sister. We went to one class and my sister and I decided we didn't like it, so we never went back. All the stuff we bought went to waste!

4. I've worn glasses since the 2nd grade. I wear contacts now, & my eyes are at -2.50 & -3.25. I think that's pretty good for someone who's been wearing vision correcting lenses for 13 years!

5. I am really really bad at staying in touch with people. I find that everyone is constantly passing me by. That is why I am so thankful for all you blogger friends! If I miss a day, I can go back and find out what you've been up to =) Seriously though, thank you to each and every one of you for stopping by, leaving your comments, reading my posts, or whatever! It truly means a lot!

Sooo...now I have to tag other people! I think everyone I'm going to tag has gotten these awards already, but there isn't a rule about not being allowed to get it more than once, right? Haha. So..I pass on these awards to:
- Rick or RicAdeMus
- Stephanie of Julu Jewelry
- Lisa of Shop N' Chomp 
- Christy of w0ngturn 
- Kym of beecreative 
& to every single person who reads this tag! YES YOU DON'T GO HIDING NOW! =)

& I kind of sort of also got tagged by Rick for the Happy 101 Award!
 Yay! Thank you! Not really sure of all the rules to this one either, but I know I have to post 10 things that make me happy, sooo let's go!
1) Doing nothing. Just sitting there...watching TV...eating is a must too. Sitting, watching TV, and eating makes me happy! Haha

2) Sunny days! Gloomy days bring me down. It's nice when I don't have to wear a jacket outside.

3) Finding out I aced a test I thought I failed. Happens a lot in university. It helps when the average is 50% and the class is curved though.

4) Pictures. I love looking back at pictures. Brings back all sorts of nice memories. I was so so sad when my laptop got stolen because I hadn't backed up any of the pictures nor were any of them developed =(

5) Getting mail! Even if it's junk mail. If my name is on it and I get to open it, it makes me happy! I also really like unwrapping wrapped presents. Even if there's nothing in it! 

6) Good hair days. Especially if I just rolled out of bed with it. Saves lots of time in the morning!

7) Playing board games. I am really competitive and board games totally brings that out of me, but playing is so much fun!

8) Going through the holidays, eating a million meals a day, and finding out I lost weight! Haha it's a nice feeling.

9) Stationary!! I LOVE stationary! I love shopping for school supplies, I love looking at it, I love using it...just love love love! Makes me so happy! From pens to highlighters to white-out to rulers to book stands to staplers to...everything. I love everything to do with stationary.

10) You! My blogger friends! =) 

So now I pass on this award to everyone who commented on my "My Olympic Love" post!
- Stephanie of Julu Jewelry
- russ
- Kym of beecreative
- Lisa of Shop N' Chomp
- Georgina of coffretgorge
- Samantha
- CCWai 

Thanks so much for reading guys!

Until next time =) 


  1. yay you did it! :D i loved reading and knowing more about you! (yes, im a stalker! LOL) thanks for the award J! i appreciate it! hugs, G :)

  2. maybe you can try putting something bitter on you fingernails so you wont bite them anymore :)

    OMG, that must be so hard getting different sized shoes! how do you do it? do stores even allow it?

    add ice cream to your no.1 happy fact and its bliss! hahaha! i love good hair days too! cuts a lot of time in the morning ;)

  3. Congrats on the awards and thanks! =D How the heck do you buy shoes then? Don't tell me you buy two pairs of the same shoe...lol. Do you just stuff your left foot or what?

  4. Thank you for the awards. They mean a lot, especially since they are the first from you! I think I gave you the "love ur blog" award once. But it was probably hidden in an overly long post that was confusing and poorly worded. BUT, the main point is that I do! =)

    Doing nothing can be the best! Maybe if you try it on gloomy days they won't seem so bad. So only one class of ballet! How old were you and did your parents know you quit? I have a friend who pretended to continue his violin lessons--his mom caught on when he was sitting next to her during a school concert instead of performing.

    good night!

  5. conratulations on all your beautiful awards =)

  6. I blame tv!!! The shows with hidden lessons for kids always used to say you should confront bullies. Haha! But honestly, these are such rare incidents. They appear in posts because they make good stories.

    Your mom was probably so excited when you and your sis started ballet--looking like little princesses. =)

    Did the violin lessons continue after the bill arrived? You're right, what teacher would accept that form and not say anything until the debt hits $400??? That's so funny! Did you ever send your sister on school field trips or excuse her from class??? =)

  7. aw man, we'd have so much fun just sitting there, watching tv, and eating. That's the life. haha. Props to you for keeping your eye vision under control. That is amazing! Stationary stuff is so cute I know, but I hardly have time to use all of it. I guess cute pens are better since you have more chances to use them.

    anyway, thanks for the tag! :)

  8. I love sunny days, too. Hate the rain. Makes me emo sometimes.. ah, what to do. Just came back from Seoul and it's raining in Taipei. Bummer. :(

  9. You crack me up--you're the only one who mentioned the speedo. That was the highlight of the post for me! BTW, you can believe your BF when he says you look great...the "just being nice" won't start until you're in your 50's. LOL

    It would have been a better story with Bandit finding the whatchamacallit. I had not put a picture of him in a post for a long time, so I inserted him into that one. About the actual names of the tools, I usually knew the names, just not which ones he wanted. He didn't know I made a game out of it, he just wanted a particular tool and couldn't think of its name. The game was just a way for me to turn it into something fun (for me).

    It was nice finding you on-line today--you gave me a smile.

  10. I missed your comment on the Canadian post earlier--I'm especially happy you liked it. YOU inspired it with an earlier comment on "a-boot" and "eh". But then I worried it might be offensive and I hesitated posting it.

    I've only heard the afraid of the dark thing on HIMYM, so I don't think it's something people really believe. There is one stereotype I've heard, but didn't include in the post because it's just a variation on the "nice" theme. People believe if you bump into a Canadian, he/she will apologize to you. I'm pretty sure I've done that myself. :P

    Mikey is going to get worse before it gets better...but it will. =)

    I hope your finals went well. I missed you during your hiatus...Kym would have too, but she's been really busy making merchandise to sell on weekends.

  11. I have to be honest, I did not make the cake. When it comes to baking, I do a great job with Mrs. Smith or SaraLee products! LOL

    I can make a decent strawberry cake (using a yellow cake mix) and an edible pistachio pie (it's just frozen pudding & coolwhip), but that's about it for desserts.

  12. apppoh pie! ;D old man thief couldn't have thought the button was free cus there was a big $2 sign INSIDE the jar of buttons!!!! booooooooooo! haha but i guess its bound to happen.

    These shows i'm attending actually have a edmonton/calgary version! i want to do those someday when i have more time to actually plan to go away for shows!

  13. The Toothfairy returned, it's time for you to come back too!!! Really, I just hope you're doing well.

  14. OMG! I was soooo happy to hear you're okay. You're lucky I don't have your e-maill--I would have been a real pest! =) I hope life gets a little less hectic for you. Summers are supposed to be a time to enjoy yourself, but I know we have to do what we have to do. I really missed you!

    And you missed your b-day cake.


    Take care of yourself my friend.

    PS - I can;t believe you asked if I remember you. I was about to do a post (about you) on the sad part of blogging--having people you've grown fond of disappear.

  15. I was asked to do my first guest blog! It didn;t turn out great, but maybe the next one will. =)

    Hope you're doing well--you're still missed and not forgotten! =)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Belated Happy Birthday J!!!

    Hope you're doing well my friend.

  18. Wow, this is still here! I haven't been on a blog in years...miss it. Hope you're doing well, wherever you are!!!


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